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Lysning ~ Candle


Image of Lysning ~ Candle Image of Lysning ~ Candle

Scented candle in embossed ceramic vase with smoked oak lid

Mosses & lichens, pine needles & cloudberry

Lysning (forest glade), silent clearing, shadow oasis, serenity for the mind. The dense boreal forest canopy occasionally reveals glades and clearings, hidden escapes where the sunlight touches the ground and the flora responds in abundance.

Made from a blend of perfume and a rapeseed wax blend with a 100% cotton wick and engraved oak lid. Poured inside a ceramic vase, it will burn for up to 65 hours.

Designed in Denmark, made in France.

Dimensions: 11×9cm

Wax: 300 g rapeseed wax blend

Burn time: 65 hours